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Carolyn Davies portrait

Carolyn Davies

BA, MA Media Production
Keeping it real
United Kingdom
Speaks English
Certified Trainer since 2014
"I love to share NVC in a way that is immediately applicable in everyday life. My approach to teaching is fun and engaging."

I grew up in Australia and began a career in television in the mid 90’s producing and directing documentary/current affairs programmes for the ABC. In my work I had so many different relationships to deal with; people with different needs and expectations and despite my best intentions it was pretty tough, managing the stress, staying balanced and keeping things moving forward.

In 2004 I discovered Nonviolent Communication and was blown away! I took it into my next TV job and saw it make a huge difference to the way I approached the people and the demands I faced and I have been a passionate NVC practitioner ever since. I moved to London in 2005 and continued to Produce and Direct TV programmes for the BBC and ITV, nurturing my NVC skills on the side.

In 2014 I became a Certified Trainer with CNVC and I have be offering NVC Training full-time since 2016. I am passionate about the potential NVC has to transform relationships with ourselves and others. My approach in the training space is upbeat, fun and experiential. I have a strong interest in bringing NVC into workplaces and organisations to transform outmoded communication styles that can lead to unnecessary stress and conflict.

I’m also passionate about NVC complementing approaches to mental health and well-being. To this end, I am currently pursuing a post-graduate degree in Integrative Counselling and Coaching and have completed my training in Internal Family Systems levels 1 & 2.

“My mission is to support individuals from diverse backgrounds by teaching the principles of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) through public and organisational training. Additionally, I am dedicated to providing personalised support through one-on-one Conscious Communication sessions, helping individuals navigate challenging situations. Through my commitment to NVC, I want to contribute to a dynamic world where individuals embrace their potential, celebrate diversity, and co-create thriving communities rooted in harmony, understanding, and joyful collaboration.”

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  • Business
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Counseling & Coaching
  • Mind-Body-Spirit
  • Social Change
I enjoy bringing NVC trainings and resources to businesses, mental health services and the wellbeing sector, faith groups, interfaith dialogues, peace initiatives, restorative justice initiatives and to train coaches, mediators, educators, lesbian, gay bisexual, transgender + communities and organisations.
“If you would like to learn the NVC concepts in a way that is fun and engaging, I offer regular courses in various time zones. Please check out my website.”

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