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Bren Hardt portrait

Bren Hardt

M. Ed, University of Houston, 1987 | B.A., Southwestern University, Georgetown, Texas, 1969 | Peace with Justice Coordinator, Texas Conference United Methodist Church, Houston, 1988 – 2006
May I only speak from a still and open heart
United States
Speaks English
Certified Trainer since 2010
"I want to live in a world where we see each other as belonging to the same family and we hold as sacred the life we share with people, animals, and all living things. In short, I want Beloved Community. If we each open ourselves to inner development and acquire the skills of awareness, humility, empathy and honesty, we will learn to find nonviolent solutions and create a world of peace and justice. I want to contribute to this world with all my gifts and graces."

I share Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is by convening each year a twelve-week, twelve-person online journey of peace, wisdom, and compassion called Ongo 2.0.

And joyously, each Saturday, I host and facilitate the Whole-Hearted Empathy Practice Circle joined by people from around the globe. You are invited! 

“Despite being in my seventh decade of life, I am still offering workshops to teachers, students, couples, and anyone. My mission is to place these life-serving practices before as many hearts and minds as possible.”

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Everyone Needs a Good List’nin To!
“Marshall Rosenberg gave his time and talents with great generosity in order to spread the practical steps to peace and well-being for all. Reach out to me anytime and help me continue in his footsteps.”

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