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Beth Silverbirch portrait

Beth Silverbirch

Director of Abundant Earth
Endeavouring to cultivate generous spaces where we can practice authenticity with compassion.
United Kingdom
Speaks English
Certified Trainer since 2022

 It can feel difficult, confusing & daunting  navigating our relationships at work, amongst friends, family, romantic partners and not least, the hardest of all,  navigating ourselves! Pheew!  People!!   -  Therefore I endeavour to create generous spaces where we can explore the simplest way to cultivate compassion, connection, understanding & growth.

I work both online & in person with:

  • Professional Settings
  • Couples
  • Individuals

Professional settings:  Organisations, Charities, Co-ops, Businesses who

  • Experience tensions between staff, leaders, executives & volunteers
  • Recognise patterns and habits that are not serving the needs of individuals or the organisation.  
  • Choose to nurture empathy, clear communication, connection &  harmony within the workspace. 

Couples :   I offer therapeutic coaching for those who yearn 

  • Harmony
  • To seek deeper connection and to be heard & understood by one another.  
  • To transform historical hurts and wounds.
  • Are willing to take the time  for self exploration and to practise the exercises.

Individuals:   who are wanting:

  • Clarity about the next steps in life.  
  • Support with relationships; (parents, children, partners, friends, work colleagues).    
  • Explorations into parts of themselves that are stuck or carrying pain including grief, addiction and trauma.

More about me: 

Co-creating & living in an off grid community (Abundant Earth Durham UK)  for many years has gifted me many wondrous joys AND challenges to learn from!   I am  privileged to experience the seasons living through me, the growing of food, and a deep connection to nature.  Bringing people together & cultivating spaces where people experience belonging, empathy, mattering & fun brings me joy. I hold space in various ways in my community; women circles, grief circles, NVC events, crafts events, growing food.    I am a circle lead for the UK Annual Gathering of NVC Facilitators,  have hosted an NVC candidate assessment event & currently part of  an IIT organising team.

I enjoy learning & practising Internal Family Systems (IFS) techniques, dancing & meditation. I have a partner of 30 years, 2 sons aged 23 & 16.  I am embracing wrinkles easier than grey hair!

Organisations I have supported 

Ingeus Social Inclusion Programme

Stomping Grounds Forrest School

Rape Crisis Tyneside & Newcastle

Co-housing Project Newcastle

Community Supported Agriculture UK

Elvet Clean Air

Gilmoor Vets

Past Public Training's I've offered:

Numerous Foundation / Level 1 Training's (in-person / Online)

Level 2; Living With judgements

Couples retreats



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