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Supporting Members Survey

Getting to know what matters to you

We want to welcome, engage, and support you as a Supporting Member of CNVC and in order to do so, we want to learn more about your interests. So... imagine this form is actually us getting together on comfy sofas, each with warm drinks and talking about what matters to you and why you support CNVC.

We estimate that it will take you 5 minutes to fill out this survey if you answer only the required questions. If you respond to the optional questions, you can spend as much additional time as you would like, particularly on the ones with narrative responses.

If you want to see an overview about Supporting Membership - probably the same page that you saw when you originally joined - go to this page.

PART 1: Your view on the current membership benefits

PART 2: You and your CNVC membership

Each of the questions in this section are optional, so please only respond to the ones that you can do so with “the joy of a young child feeding a hungry duck” :-) (this is something that Marshall Rosenberg, the founder of NVC, used to say to invite people to connect with their needs before taking actions)
Tick ✓ each one that applies to you.
Tick ✓ each one that applies to you.
Tick ✓ each one that applies to you.
All things being equal, we prefer to know who gives us feedback because we want to reach you in the place that works best for you, and so we can make our connection more relevant to you. However, we respect your choice and privacy, so if you prefer to remain anonymous please skip these questions.

PART 3: About you

Check the channels that you are willing to hear from us on: