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Yoram Mosenzon portrait

Yoram Mosenzon

Speaks English, Dutch, French, Hebrew
Certified Trainer since 2012
"My core focus of NVC is the details of the details (of the details…) of what is happening within people and between people. Magic happens in the tiny, tiny details."

Yoram Mosenzon was born and lived in Israel until the age of 25 (1999) after which he moved to Europe to continue a career in dance and performance. Today a resident of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, he dedicates himself full time to living and sharing Nonviolent Communication (NVC) as a certified trainer.

An NVC Pilgrimage

“I met NVC in 2001 and ever since I’ve been extremely passionate about applying it in my life,” Yoram says. In 2008, he put aside his dance and performance career to dedicate his full energy to NVC. He recalls the moment he made this life-changing decision, following a week-long NVC training in Poland:

“At the end of the training, I went with my trainer, Éva Rambala, to the airport. She was flying to Switzerland, and I had a flight back home to Paris. We were sitting, resting at the airport. I was looking at the people and I noticed I was scared. I thought, How can I be with people if there is not the quality of honesty and empathy? I looked at my trainer and said, ‘I’m not going back home.’

“I had no money at that time. We went to the ticket desk and Éva paid for my ticket to Switzerland, thus setting me on a pilgrimage. I gave up my rented apartment in Paris and started a two-years’ journey without a home: traveling, living, and sharing NVC.”

While Hitchhiking, a Teacher Emerges

“Éva was teaching across Eastern Europe and I was traveling, hitchhiking behind her from training to training,” Yoram recalls. “I started giving introductions to NVC to all the drivers I was hitchhiking with. It was a perfect setting to start learning how to share NVC: They were bored and available, and I knew that after each introduction, I would never see these people again… :-) as I was terrified of teaching NVC. That was a safe enough environment for me to start teaching.”

With a laugh, Yoram admits that his teaching skills were “crap” at first. “But I knew the quality would come if I did it a lot. And I did it A LOT and all over the place and in a million of situations.” Eventually, people began inviting him into their homes to introduce NVC, and his teaching grew wider and wider. 


Today, fourteen years later, he leads NVC workshops all around the world, in person and online. He created Connecting2Life, an NVC center in Amsterdam, sharing the practice of Nonviolent Communication widely to the open public, teams, businesses, schools and more. His TEDx talk, “Vulnerable Honesty,” has more than 130,000 views.




Vulnerable Honesty

Short Introduction to Nonviolent Communication (NVC), by Yoram Mosenzon

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Nonviolent Communication (NVC): Yoram Mosenzon full workshop: ‘Connecting in Conflict’

Yoram Mosenzon: Chinese Minister story


The Irish Times: “The art of engaging in calm, honest dialogue while avoiding landmines”

“Feelings and needs are in my body. I didn’t choose to have feelings and needs, they are simply there, in me. That amazes me, that there is a clear ‘intelligence’ inside my body, that is guiding my choices from deep within. My life is about slowly learning to trust that intelligence. The more I do it, the more I am thrilled with how much this ‘intelligence’ knows things about life and about relationships that my brain has no clue about.”

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Applying the Nonviolent Communication principles, I envision a new paradigm of existence, for myself and for others. It is an inner and outer revolution in the way I learned to think, relate, and behave, and in the way I learned to see and understand the world. My mission is to facilitate life-serving relationships to self and others (based on deep trust in our own body signals: feelings and needs), and the creation of life-serving systems and social structures. I do this by seeking to live the NVC principles in every corner of my own life as well as sharing it with others.
“For me, NVC is a cultural revolution. It is to completely shift the way we learn to think: which is the way to speak with ourselves deep in our brain, all day long.”

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