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Wilma Kloet portrait

Wilma Kloet

Certificering NVC, TA academie coaching en counseling, HBO omgangskunde 2e graads
I radiate what I connect with.
Speaks Dutch
Certified Trainer since 2022
"For me, Nonviolent communication is a way to make the world a more beautiful place"

In 2009, I completed my teacher training in interpersonal skills. During this training I was introduced to Marshall Rosenberg's model. Nonviolent communication. This was music to my ears.
After an introductory training, I left it for a while. I went down some side paths. I discovered that with everything I read, I kept writing the letters GC (Nonviolent communication) in the margin. Apparently, this is the basis of communication for me. That is why I have been intensively trained in this philosophy since 2014.

With the great desire to share this with others. To introduce more people to the simple and practical model, which requires some practice to apply. By which I mean that no one has to wait to apply and connect until he/she has mastered it perfectly. This way of communicating has brought me space, peace, honesty and compassion in contacts with myself and others. In my training I want to introduce people to the treasures that can be found in this model through practical exercises. Supporting people to find their way in contact with themselves and others.

I was raised as a Christian and a member of the PKN congregation in Veenendaal. For me, faith is living from the Source. Putting into practice loving God, my neighbor, as well as myself.
For me it was a big question how I could shape that. Instead of letting my judgments and opinions be leading in contact with people, Nonviolent Communication has taught me how to recognize judgments and realize what judgments are pointing to me. I can then connect with the universal needs that underlie my judgments and behavior and that of others. This has increased my compassion for myself and others. Can I stay connected, despite the differences that exist?

It also helped me to express myself and open up to contact. This also allows me to connect more with others.
To shape my daily life from a life-enriching energy. To connect with Love with a capital letter and to be able to reflect it.

“With my training and lectures I want to contribute to giving shape to faith in God. Where God can represent many forms in which He or She takes shape.”

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If there were no right or wrong, there would only be acceptance
“Thank you for reading my page. I would like to join you in learning from and growing in the ideas of Marshall Rosenberg.”

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