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Trond Ullenes portrait

Trond Ullenes

Certified Inspirational Coach
Connection is the starting point for leadership.
Speaks English, Norwegian
Certified Trainer since 2022
"The challenges we encounter as human beings can only be solved in collaboration. We are interdependent and need to find ways to mutual understanding and connection across borders, gender, education, nationality and religion."

I am running a sole company, facilitating NVC-based leadership training, inspirational talks and workshops in the field of personal development, communication, teamwork, and empowerment.

I believe that many of the challenges we encounter as human beings can only be solved in collaboration. An example would be mental health, which is a growing issue in the western countries. As I see it, the individual approach with therapy and medicines are not sufficient to restore health. We need to find solutions together, in community.

In 2015, I had already been working as a facilitator and coach for staff and leaders regarding communication and teamwork for more than 10 years. A friend of mine kept mentioning a guy named Marshall Rosenberg. "You must look into his work,” he told me over and over again. I found it rather annoying. My reaction was, “The world is full of gurus.”

Eventually, I gave in and read "The book" (you know which one) that summer. I was blown away. The needs, the spirituality, the stories... "Let's go to London" my colleague Susan proclaimed. "I don't have the money", I said. "No problem", she replied. Before knowing what happened, I was joining an NVC introductory course in a flat in London, together with Susan and four other participants and CNVC Certified Trainer, Carolyn Davies.

It was hard to believe that I could learn this stuff. No way! But what if? A 9-day NVC intensive (IIT) in Romania a few months later, and the rest is history. Doubts and hopes, setbacks and growth. Thanks to ALL who have supported me along the way, forever grateful! And a special thanks to my wife, Ingvild for her patience and support; Susan, Anniken Poulsson Beer, the Norwegian NVC community, Yoram Mosenzon and my Assessor, Towe Widstrand.  

And, of course, my "annoying" friend.

“I enjoy sharing NVC through inspirational talks and would love to contribute to bigger audiences worldwide.”

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  • Mind-Body-Spirit
For me, NVC is very much about empowerment. Connection, compassion and empathy enables us to access our infinite resources.
“Open for requests for connection and cooperation. Looking forward to hearing from you!”

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