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Tracy Seed portrait

Tracy Seed

Cert Ed, NLP Master, Dip Coach, Cert Counsellor, Movement Facilitator
Inspiring authentic relating, care, and collaboration
United Kingdom
Speaks English
Certified Trainer since 2016
"I want to live in a world where respect and care for each other exists even when times are challenging!"

Tracy Seed is a Nonviolent Communication (NVC) coach, mentor, and trainer with many years of experience working with individuals, groups, and organisations. She completed much of her early NVC training with Marshall Rosenberg,

She has worked with thousands of people from diverse backgrounds and cultures, helping them to make the changes they desire in life, at work, and at home. Her expertise is rooted in a deep understanding of early development, human behaviour, empathy, trauma, movement, and systems.

Tracy has extensive experience working with parents, educators, and leaders of private and public organisations, as well as multinational and global corporations. She designs and delivers coaching and training initiatives for development and change.

During the summer months, Tracy leads immersive NVC well-being retreats with dance and movement in Greece.

Depth and Breadth of Experience

Tracy’s journey with Nonviolent Communication began many years prior to reading Marshall Rosenberg’s seminal book, Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life, and hearing Marshall speak for the first time during 2005.

As she reflects, “Self-development mastery has been a lifetime’s journey!”

Growing up in the city of London, losing a parent at eleven, being expelled from school at fourteen, getting married in her twenties, losing her husband in her thirties, and raising two children alone, she learned early how to negotiate life’s challenges.

She has a diverse educational background, having studied Carl Rogers’ humanistic approach to counselling, early-years education, and Biocentric movement. She holds a diploma in business studies and a teaching qualification and has completed a diploma in coaching as well as an NLP master’s programme. She engaged with EQ leadership programs and has had the privilege of studying directly with renowned change agents and emotional intelligence protagonists such as Tony Robbins, Ian McDermott, Robert Dilts, David Weikart, Marshall Rosenberg, and many others.

In addition to her education background, she possesses a wealth of practical experience in both early years and adult education. In the 1980s, she established in London a nursery that provided care for young children and helped parents returning to work. Over the next two decades she went on to open many preschools and lead a consultancy service. She worked with David Weikart’s education programme, High Scope. She also studied Alfie Kohn’s work, Punished by Rewards and compassionate parenting.

Discovering NVC

When Tracy discovered Nonviolent Communication she says it gave her a sense of “inner peace,” aligning perfectly with her passion for equality, interdependence, collaboration, choice, shared power, respect, care, compassion, and more.

She was so inspired by Marshall’s message and presence that she immediately enrolled in further in-depth training with him in the U.K. and then in Switzerland.

She continued attending courses, retreats, and camps across Europe for years and became an independently recognized U.K. trainer in 2010. She was certified as a trainer by the Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC) in 2016.

For many years now, she has been absorbing, embodying, and allowing NVC consciousness to deepen within her — a progress she still enjoys!

She delivers her coaching and training services in a deeply compassionate way, which engenders the honesty and empathy that true transformation requires.

She is passionate about embodiment, leadership, collaboration, and dynamic systems of governance.

She leads her own training and consultancy service, as well as serving as a director of NVC Matters in the U.K. and working with Marie Miyashiro, author of The Empathy Factor, sharing Empathy training in organisations.

“I help individuals, communities, and organisations develop practical skills for empathy — to relate with honesty, care, and collaboration.”

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