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Towe Widstrand portrait

Towe Widstrand

Speaks English, Swedish
Certified Trainer since 1995

Towe Widstrand, B.A., is a graduate of the University of Stockholm, Sweden in business and psychology. She has worked as a training consultant since the mid-1980s. After meeting and studying with Marshall since 1987, she devoted her professional life to sharing NVC in various ways. Over the decades, Towe has conducted NVC-trainings in more than 20 countries, working in a wide variety of settings, including public organisations, private companies, public groups and with individuals. She assisted Marshall as a trainer in many IITs.

She has also served the Center for Nonviolent Communication by sitting on the Board of Directors and filling the role of International Project Coordinator.

Towe has served as assessor for CNVC as long as the process has existed. She loves contributing to clarity and safety in the groups and for the candidates she works with, sometimes through "fierce kindness," to use the words of one of her participants. She wishes for others to realize how the insights of NVC bring relief and personal power."

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