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Tomomi Karube Muir Portrait

Tomomi Karube Muir

Resonation Sydney 共に響き合うつながりを共創する
Speaks English, Japanese
Certified Trainer since 2024
"I envision our lives and words being received authentically and with compassion. I am practising inner work, beginning with myself - embracing self-acceptance, self-compassion, and self-connection. This way, my presence can be received as a gift to others, just as others are a gift to me./ 私は、私たちのいのちと言葉が、そのまま丸ごと思いやりをもって受け取られることを願っています。その実践を自分自身の内側から始め、自己受容、セルフコンパッション、自分とつながる、などのインナーワークを実践しています。それにより、他の人が私への贈り物であるように、私の存在も他の人への贈り物として受け取られると信じています。"

With a decade of working experience in Tokyo, Tomomi transitioned to Sydney, Australia, in 2000, where she resides with her husband, two daughters, two cats, and two chickens. Her journey into Nonviolent Communication (NVC) began in 2017 while volunteering at a Japanese nonprofit organization focused on supporting mothers. A transformative encounter with a friend practicing NVC prompted her to explore this communication methodology further.

Tomomi was captivated by the profound shift in her perspective after her friend employed NVC skills during conversations. Since then, she dedicates a significant portion of her weekly schedule to practicing and exploring herself and NVC.

From 2019 onward, Tomomi has been hosting in-person Empathy Cafés in Sydney and sharing NVC in Japanese. Additionally, she holds online classes and book clubs, reaching Japanese participants globally. Her primary mission is to introduce NVC to Japanese communities worldwide, and she eagerly accepts invitations to share her expertise across the globe. Another pivotal goal is bridging the language gap between Japanese and English. Tomomi actively translates Marshall B. Rosenberg's books and provides Japanese subtitles for NVC-related videos.

She maintains strong ties with the Japanese NVC community, collaborating with CNVC certified trainer candidates and also individuals she met at the Bali IIT. Tomomi engages in exploring and discussing the Certification Candidate Packet (CPP), sharing her personal journey through her own certification process.

Trainer's primary language





また、日本人コミュニティならびにBali IITで出会ったCNVC認定トレーナー候補生や候補生になりたい人とつながり、CPPの読み合わせや、認定プロセスについて気楽に話す場を設けている。

“I offer workshops and classes in Japanese both on Zoom and in person. I host an Empathy Cafe where we gather and practice empathy circles in person in Sydney. I plan to offer workshops in English eventually, so stay tuned! Zoom. /と対面で、日本語でのワークショップやクラスを開催しています。 シドニーでは共感カフェ in シドニーと呼ぶワークショップを開催し、対面で共感サークルをしています。 いずれは英語でのワークショップも開催する予定です。”

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We create connections with each other with the willingness to care for everyone’s needs. / あらゆる人のニーズをケアする意図と共につながりを創る
“To explore, experiment, experience and express the beauty of life through life energy./ いのちのエネルギーを通していのちの美を探求し、実験し、体験し、表現する”

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