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Szilvi Stern portrait

Szilvi Stern

Certified Trainer of CNVC, Mediator, Soul -healer
Close to each other, freely
Speaks Hungarian
Certified Trainer since 2020
"For me, NVC is like a wise friend who is always available because he lives inside me. I would like to contribute to making this possible for as many people as possible.In this way, blame can turn into understanding."

 I worked as an employee for many years and was unable to represent myself for a long time. I believed that the well-being of others was more important than my own. Illnesses, conflicts, losses, divorce came into my life - They made me realize that my own health, happiness and development are in my hands. Decades of self-awareness, learning and teaching NVC, and the complete transformation of my human relationships still help me to live a freer and more conscious life. As a trainer and coach, I help individuals, couples and groups. My goal is to contribute so that there is more awareness, joy of life, and creative life in the world of people. In relationships, instead of distance and hostility, there should be closeness and mutual understanding!

“My mission is that people find value in themselves. I believe that the world can be better if more and more people do what they are good at and what they do from the heart and with enthusiasm, not because they have to. I help you to recognize and transform limiting, destructive beliefs and surviving operations. To develop the combined effect of awareness and empathy within and in relationships between people. All this in individual, pair and group training sessions.”

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  • Education
  • Mind-Body-Spirit
  • Parenting & Family
“If you want to do something for a harmonious, peaceful, livable world, I welcome You or recommend my other NVC trainer colleagues”

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