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Susanna Warren portrait

Susanna Warren

Bachelors in Communication with a minor in Organizational leadership and Executive Coaching
Executive Director, Compassionate Communication Center of Ohio
United States
Speaks English
Certified Trainer since 2013

Susanna Warren is a Certified Trainer and Assessor with the International Center for Nonviolent Communication, and the Director and Lead Trainer for the Compassionate Communication Center of Ohio (CCCO). She has a B.A. in Organizational Communication and a minor in Organizational Leadership Development and Executive Coaching. Susanna has traveled the globe teaching Compassionate Communication, sharing the work in Vietnam, Bali, Greece, Turkey, Uganda, and Ghana. She provides coaching and training for individuals, families, groups, and organizations throughout Ohio and beyond.

She is deeply committed to living Compassionate Nonviolent Communications and experiences the moment-by-moment transformational qualities of this work with her two adult children, daughter and son-in-law, three grandchildren, and life partner. She enjoys ballroom dancing, playing guitar, traveling, and spending time in nature.

A Personal message from Susanna

Hi, I'm Susanna and I live in Columbus, Ohio, USA. Although I have traveled many roads of spiritual discovery over the years, it was not until I met Marshall Rosenberg and NVC in 2004 that I discovered a depth of consciousness, a language, and practice that provided me with a clear road map on how to find my way back home to my heart and to the essence of myself. From that point forward, learning, living, and embodying NVC became the single most important focus of my spiritual practice and my calling to life.

I began to attend all trainings available to me and immersed myself in my local community of NVC students, practitioners, and trainers that have become beloved friends and collaborators over the years. I hold a degree in Organizational Communication. This allows to me integrate the communication practices of the business world with the philosophies of NVC. The skills that I've cultivated give me a cutting-edge advantage to communicate effectively and negotiate complex communications within the business arena. I've learned to harness and focus these skills in a way that has allowed to me to train and groom others in partnership with me, and to pursue NVC as a Certified trainer and Assessor as my main calling and focus in life.

While my passion and mission is serving those who serve in living, learning, and sharing NVC, I am committed to a strong NVC community where I am the Director and Lead Trainer of our local non-profit Compassionate Communication Center of Ohio. I facilitate Introductions, classes, and local public trainings as the lead trainer for the Compassionate Communication Center of Ohio. • Sharing NVC Programming in organizations such as the local Police Department, Public Health Services, and Schools etc with a focus on creating systemic and cultural change.

I have a passion for working with local communities and organizations that offer services to lower-income areas to reduce crime and violence. I see NVC making a difference in areas where there is a disproportionately negative impact on racial and ethnic minorities particularly those in poverty where violence is a common occurrence. Sharing NVC while traveling in places such as Bali, Vietnam, Italy, Greece, India, Uganda, and Ghana has blended my love and passion for travel and contributing to the greater global community. I welcome and cherish all opportunities to share and contribute to the creation of a global NVC community.

The spirituality of NVC is the consciousness of needs and understanding what deeply matters to others and me. The key cornerstone of my essence is grounded in the spirituality of presence, meditation, and the oneness and goodness of all. By developing and sharing my own deep spiritual practice, I have discovered the divine life energy that is the thread that connects us at a heart level. The essence of my needs is divine or life energy expressing itself through me; my practice is bringing presence to this divine life energy. NVC shows me the pathway of how I can manifest these qualities of being and gives me a road map to be able to bring these qualities into relationships with others.

Needs are the doorway to spirit or the doorway to being, and when I have awareness of my needs, my spirituality becomes more embodied, powerful, and effective. Empathy is the ultimate act of compassion, which is the ability to understand my own and another inner world of motivations and needs. NVC illumines my consciousness by transforming habitual life-alienating reactions into conscious responses. It also empowers me to create a world in which I want to live, a world where separation is transformed into connection, a world where scarcity is replaced with trusting life infinite resources, and a world where everyone's well-being is held with care and mutuality.

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