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Susana Rusch portrait

Susana Rusch Garcia

Speaks English, Dutch, Spanish
Certified Trainer since 2012
"I see Nonviolent Communication as a potent, down-to-earth toolkit that helps me to connect with myself and others, conversation after conversation, discovering the divine in all of us along the way."

In December 2006, I met Marshall Rosenberg in the Netherlands, where I live. Impressed by his “replacing diagnoses by NVC,” I found a powerful and magic toolkit in how to connect and, in the same flow, heal myself from depression — a toolkit that made it possible to give life back to myself, conversation by conversation, with myself or others.


In 2010, I started training in Nonviolent Communication (NVC), and I learned fast by training others. NVC empowered my ability to (re)connect to life in any sort of communication. It also provided the relief of being able to articulate what I had known all my life, deep down, but had not been able to express. I found freedom and choice.

Training Teams

In 2012, I became a Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC) Certified Trainer, and I train and coach individuals, couples, kids from ages six to eighteen, teams, and their leaders. I am invited to share NVC to for-profit and nonprofit organizations, at municipalities, in schools, at NVC summer camps around the world with my partner, and in many different companies.


Individually and with my husband and co-trainer, Jan Carel van Dorp, I have trained in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Boston, New York (the NY Intensive), the Czech Republic, Spain, and China. This year, 2023, I am offering my NVC year training, “Living Fully,” for the fourteenth time. The owner and lead trainer of Unfolding Images, I love to collaborate with fellow Certified Trainers.

NVC Cabaret

Since early November 2008, I have been a member of the Dutch Speaking NVC Circle, which now has eighty-plus members; for some years I served on the board, and I co-developed and co-designed the website. In 2010, I helped Jan Carel re-translate Marshall Rosenberg’s seminal book, Nonviolent Communication, a Language of Life, into Dutch. I offered “NVC Cabaret” at the annual Dutch NVC Festival and have provided NVC insights and tips for radio and newspaper interviews.

Training Style

In my trainings, I integrate singing, clapping, using the space, creative writing, improv theatre, nonverbal exercises, bodywork, and a systemic NVC approach. I love to encourage group-wisdom, the power of vulnerability, and the jewels in the jackals. Participants say they like my calmness, clarity, care, and humor.

“My mission is to promote life and well-being as much as possible, by living and sharing the power of Nonviolent Communication with individuals, across cultures, systems, and organizations.”

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“Between what is said and not meant, and what is meant and not said, most of love is lost.” – Khalil Gibran
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