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Selma Teparic portrait

Selma Teparic

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Speaks English, Croatian
Certified Trainer since 2023

My first encounter with NVC felt like coming home. The ideas presented in the philosophy of Nonviolent Communication sounded close and provided clarity and structure for my own thoughts. It was especially important for me to get to know the concept of spirituality in NVC. Growing up in a country where different religious ideas were a source of conflict between people, this concept gave me comfort and hope. That was what attracted me. What kept me on the path of learning Nonviolent communication was connecting with people, participants and trainers, on a deep, sincere and meaningful level.

My journey from the first encounter with Nonviolent Communication to receiving a recommendation for certification was filled with immense support, togetherness and a sincere desire to overcome the difficulties we encounter either in circumstances or in relationships. The feeling of peace that came after a few training sessions was the most valuable gift. The change first happened within me, and then there was room for change in the quality of relationships with the people around me. In addition to personal benefits and benefits in the working environment, I am also proud of the work that I do together with the team in the area of social change, working in the Network of Nonviolent Communication in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Our country is in great need of peace, reconciliation, dialogue and a new perspective on conflict resolution, and I look forward to everything that the team of trainers and candidates from our Network can give to our community. Because of this hope and longing, my path to becoming a trainer of Nonviolent communication and all the other learning that awaits me makes the time that has passed and the time to come meaningful and important.

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