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Selene Aswell portrait

Selene Aswell

B.A., Community Studies
Reclaiming Needs-Based Gifting through Community Living
United States
Speaks English
Certified Trainer since 2022
"I am working toward a world where we humans live in a locally-based, global network of life nurturing, mutually mothering communities rooted in a thriving biosphere."

Selene Aswell is a gift economy coach and community living consultant in addition to her work as a certified Nonviolent Communication trainer. Her goal is to contribute to the co-creation of a needs-based, regenerative culture. Her work is focused on needs-consciousness raising and integrating nonviolence into human relationships through community living. She is an active community member of the Nonviolent Global Liberation Online Community. Selene is currently exploring Belfast, Maine, as a place to root.

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  • Mind-Body-Spirit
  • Social Change
“I am not currently actively offering NVC as I focus on finding my own ‘local’ place in the world, where to live and work. I will update this page when I am again offering NVC work.”

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