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Samwel Ogala portrait

Samwel Ogala

Speaks English, Swahili
Certified Trainer since 2019


Samwel Ogalah was born in the Western part of Kenya, in a small sub tribe called Suba. He has experienced pain, trauma, and hopelessness of being a member of a marginalized community. Samwel has been a certified trainer on Nonviolent Communication with CNVC since 2019.

He's the chairperson of the executive board "NVC community network in Kenya '' registered as Tuzungemze Amani Foundation. He's the brainchild behind the fast NVC Secondary School in Africa. He is a pioneer in teaching NVC and setting up local NVC associations in Kenya. In addition, he's passionate about building coexistence, conflict resolution, mediation and hostage negotiation.

Samwel offers a bridge between people of different understanding, experiences and perspectives.

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  • Conflict Resolution
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