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Samuel Odhiambo portrait

Samuel Odhiambo

Speaks English, Swahili
Certified Trainer since 2016

Coming from Kenya and having experienced post election violence in 2007 and the impact, I am reassured of the power of empathic connection as an answer to power dynamics. I have seen the impact of violent conflicts in refugee camps in Kenya, Uganda, and the pastoralist communities in Northern Kenya while bringing NVC to these communities.

In these journeys i have also experienced the joy of human beings being able to see each other as fellow humans and choosing peace over violence. This inspiration and hope is what i desire to gift to the NVC Global community. I am a board member of Tuzungumze Amani Foundation, a registered NVC community. I also serve in the boards of Peace Ambassadors Kenya, Baba Tree International, and a partner of Social Innovation Academy (SINA-Global).

I do believe in equality and in a community where the male child is considered the at the expense of the girl I chose to see my son and daughter equally starting by their names; Adrian and Adriannah. I bring my presence to the global NVC community to contribute to creating spaces for the diverse communities present to be express be heard with an intention to foster a mutual understanding and co-creation of the community we want.


  • Social Change

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