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Roberta Wall portrait

Roberta Wall

United States
Speaks English
Certified Trainer since 2014
"Hello! I am passionate about the contribution of NVC to creating the change we want to see in social and political structures and institutions in the world, peacemaking, in families and communities, and also as a great support to spiritual and personal growth."

Over 20 years ago Roberta Wall
 transitioned from serving as a civil rights lawyer in New York City to becoming an NVC trainer. She lives in the heart of New York City on the Upper West Side and has travelled the world sharing NVC. Roberta integrates  mindfulness practices as well as social activism in her NVC trainings. Her trainings dig deeply into inner self connection and transformation so that communication with ourselves and others is sourced in awareness and authenticity. HER TRAININGS INTEGRATE THE PRINCIPLES OF NONVIOLENT COMMUNICATION THAT SHE LEARNED DIRECTLY FROM MARSHALL ROSENBERG OVER MANY YEARS WITH HANDS ON REAL TIME PRACTICE.

Over many years Roberta has served as a trainer and organizer at numerous trainings in the West Bank bringing together Israelis, Palestinians and internationals, including CNVC-sponsored international trainings, at schools and mental health centers and for numerous peace organizations in Israel and Palestine, such as Women Wage Peace, Combatants for Peace, encounter, Bereaved Parents Circle, Holy Land Trust and many many others. She continues to actively facilitate and support peace making and co existence through NVC  in the Middle East. She also has introduced nonviolent communication to numerous communities in central America and Africa. With grants from UN AIDS and other supporters.. In the US she shares NVC with people re-entering the community from incarceration and  cofounded the ALIVE! Institute in North Carolina which mentors young people of color to use NVC and their lives and leadership capacities. She has offered trainings in numerous spiritual communities, including Jewish congregations, Christian churches, and Buddhist monasteries and retreat centers. Her Buddhist teacher, Thich Nhat Hanh inspires her life and NVC work. Roberta is a parent, grandparent, peace, social justice and environmental activist. She also is a scholar of Torah and offers Jewish mindfulness retreats that integrate Nonviolent Communication and Buddhist practices.

Roberta offers workshops in service of peaceful resolution of conflict, individual and organizational growth, and community and spiritual development. Her clients and students include schools, recovery centers, individuals, organizations, businesses, communities, and families throughout the world. She offers trainings to public and private institutions, networks and organizations, government and social services agencies, lawyers, mediators, schools, doctors, and social workers.

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“I am creating programs in Israel and the West Bank and am looking for support and partners. I also give classes and retreats in the U.S. and Europe.”

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