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Ramanusha Poopalaratnam portrait

Ramanusha Poopalaratnam

Sri Lanka
Speaks English, Sinhala, Tamil
Certified Trainer since 2015

As someone who has grown up  exposed to violence and War, I found Nonviolent Communication as my path to contribute to World Peace. While our country is struggling to recover the effects of three decades of armed conflict, my firm belief is that NVC is not only a concept but a way of living that can contribute to building peace and harmony in individuals, families and, communities. My dream is to share NVC in Sri Lanka and other South Asian countries as a small way to contribute building and sustaining peace and reconciliation, help transforming relationships in communities in these countries.

My aim is to create small groups of people consist of different ethnicities and religions to practice Nonviolent Communication resolve conflicts peacefully. Teaching self compassion to people from all districts in Sri Lanka. Teaching NVC skills to peace workers and social change agents. Translate NVC materials in local languages. Include NVC based mediation in the system and practice in Mediation boards in all districts. Introduce NVC in South Asian countries.

Create safe space for peaceful dialogue among people of Sri Lanka from different ethnicities to talk about their bitter past and shared future too meet the needs of the people. My vision is to create Sri Lanka where all ethnic people trust that they can  share resources to meet everyone needs in the country.

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