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Raluca Sadula Portrait

Raluca Sadula

Psychoterapist in Dramatherapy and Transactional Analysis
Speaks English, Romanian
Certified Trainer since 2024
"Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right-doing, there is a field. I'll meet you there. Rumi"

My journey toward understanding and empathy didn’t begin in school, but it was shaped by life's rich, often challenging experiences. From these beginnings, I developed an innate curiosity about the human psyche, leading me to decide to change focus in my career and study psychology. There, I gained a framework to support what I had been exploring by instinct—how empathy and a holistic approach can truly transform our understanding of the human condition.

My professional development continued as I ventured into the realms of drama therapy and transactional analysis. Each provided me with creative tools to delve into and clarify our complex emotional narratives. These enhanced my capacity to guide myself and others through their own stories towards healing and self-awareness.

My path took a compelling turn with the discovery of Nonviolent Communication (NVC). Immersing myself first in the NVC Romanian community and then in the practices and philosophies of NVC, I found not just resonance with the power of empathy but a sense of belonging.

The beauty of the human connection and the felt sense of home have been enriching both my personal journey and my therapeutic practice. Beyond offering a complement to psychological frameworks, NVC became a cornerstone of my approach, allowing me to support and deepen the psychotherapy process more in-depth. By integrating NVC, I have been able to foster environments where dialogue nurtures restoration. In addition to my one-on-one sessions, I enjoy facilitating groups. This role touches me particularly as I often witness firsthand the transformative impact of empathy.

With the somatic experiencing training, I've come to understand the profound stories our bodies hold and the process of reconnecting with our physical selves. It's taught me the importance of listening to our subtle internal cues and honoring the body's wisdom.

Beyond my professional roles, what I truly aspire to is supporting others on their own paths to a life filled with vitality and authenticity. This involves more than just the exchange of expertise; it's about creating a supportive space, sharing genuine moments, and understanding the struggles we all face while celebrating our collective and individual journeys.

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