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Phoenix Soleil Portrait

Phoenix Soleil

Sensitivity is a superpower!
United States
Speaks English
Certified Trainer since 2024
In a world where materialism, survival, and the relentless pursuit of success often take center stage, I've made it my personal mission to prioritize intimacy and the magic of being alive.

I‘ll introduce myself with a poem I wrote:

Flatbush in Brooklyn New York, is where I grew up.
Not much nature left,
Its bushes had been paved away or flattened
Into cracked sidewalks, rectangular cells, and tar
What I did to survive that Brooklyn
I weave(d) an invisible cloak
Duck and weave
From punches current but generations old
Till I escaped on a train bound to college
My baggage and I headed to a new state.
But that cloak took longer to unpack and untangle.
Those threads are sewn into the words
That I hope will warm and protect others
Who have been flattened on this round earth. 

I help people align their values and passions with their interactions and conversations, enabling them to make a difference while enjoying the process. As a Haitian-American artist, activist, and educator, I have a profound interest in the intersections of community, emotional intelligence, and trauma. I also teach and practice Insight Meditation and am a certified trainer in Nonviolent Communication (NVC). NVC is a powerful approach that enhances our connection with others and ourselves, fostering more effective and healing interactions. In my teaching, I incorporate art and play, using it as a tool to make the learning experience more engaging and fun.

Over the years, I've conducted workshops and training sessions on communication, racial justice, and meditation for various organizations, including Google, the Kellogg Foundation, UC Berkeley, the Insight Meditation Society, and the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute. I also provide support in mediation and facilitate restorative circles.

Since 2018, I have served as a partner and co-owner at LIFT Economy, a worker-owned cooperative consulting firm dedicated to creating, modeling, and sharing a racially just, regenerative, and locally self-reliant economy that benefits all life. As a worker cooperative, all of our co-owners practice Nonviolent Communication (NVC), which is essential to our DNA and theory of change. We integrate NVC into our conflict resolution policies and utilize these skills to ensure effective and empathetic communication throughout our organization. Our extensive consulting experience with thousands of businesses has reinforced that communication and collaborative skills are essential for sustainability. I lead our Nonviolent Communication public workshops (Cultural Offerings). Learn more at LIFT Economy

Additionally, living in intentional communities has been part of my journey. My experiences have given me an in-depth understanding of the complexities and challenges associated with communal living, collaborative work, and collective decision-making. I am particularly passionate about assisting individuals and organizations in cultivating healthy, thriving cultures. Also I'm deeply involved in improvisational theater, freestyle rap, dance, and writing. Currently, I'm working on an Afrofuturistic sci-fi novel.

Discover my latest videos, upcoming courses, workshops, and coaching packages at my website or  at

“The experience of seeing individuals engaged in conflict empathizing with each other's humanity is gratifying. I bring my skills as a mediator and restorative circle facilitator to assist in resolving these conflicts and fostering substantial connections. This world can be lonely and isolating, it’s an honor to get to witness and hold someone in moments of pain. I love coaching when I can attune to someone’s difficulty and offer all of my experience and heart to really help them transform and shift into their power.”

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“I treasure the opportunities where I can apply insights from my somatic healing journey and improvisational skills to make the process of learning NVC more engaging and dynamic.”

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