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Philippe Parodi Portrait

Philippe Parodi

NLP Master and Enneagram certified trainer
Lightness and depth combined
Speaks French
Certified Trainer since 2023

Learning and practicing NVC has allowed me to gain a lot of authenticity in my relationships with others, both professional and private. As a trainer, I'd want to allow other people to also open up to more authentic and respectful relationships. I believe in progression by regular but sure "small steps" and in learning NVC by experience rather than by "understanding", which is why I favor an "inverted" mode of pedagogy, i.e. experimenting first and then explaining, if necessary, the organic basis of the practice.
I also note, although this is steadily increasing, especially among younger generations, that men are vastly underrepresented in NVC learning communities. As such, I wish to research and understand the motivating factors that could lead more men to train in NVC for more harmony and sensitivity both in the public and private spheres.
Finally, I wish to contribute by all possible means to the reduction of violence in general and "intra-family" violence in particular.

“I wish to pass on NVC to all people who wish to participate in more peace and harmony on this earth”

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“For me, NVC is the best way to embody the changes we hope to see in the world”
“Let's connect together now”

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