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Penny Spawforth portrait

Penny Spawforth

My training and qualifications: Mother (first and always!); Qualified NVC Mediator (Since 2012); Qualified Alexander Technique Teacher (since 1990)
Restoring Connections
United Kingdom
Speaks English
Certified Trainer since 2012
"I envision a world where we hold ourselves and others in positive regard; in disagreement, we have the inner resilience and capacity to be compassionate and curious and we celebrate our inter-dependence. This world will teach us from the earliest age that we count, we are part of, not separate from the whole and that we are wanted and needed."

From early adulthood, I have been interested in finding answers to creating conditions for wellbeing. Looking for answers to what I -- all of us -- can learn and do for ourselves to improve a sense of inner-peace and to create conditions where we all thrive. In my twenties, I explored conditions for well-being such as healthy nutrition, the 'use of the self' in everyday movement, reducing chemical toxicity in our bodies and homes and more. During that time, I trained to be an Alexander Technique teacher which helped me discover the integral relationship between mind/body/spirit and really trust that my way of thinking and observing could change my way of being. I continued researching and applying my learning to healthy pregnancy, natural home-birthing and raising children.

There have been many teachers and influences along the way helping me with all aspects of being a mother and a woman such as long-term breast-feeding, co-sleeping, keeping my child safe whilst allowing her the freedom to explore, navigating the tears and tantrums with compassion and so much more! Slowly my reflections led me to wondering about all my relationships and how to change habitual patterns of relating that seemed to stay stuck in a loop and leave everyone unsatisfied. There was still a missing piece that I wasn't seeing!

Around 2006, I was lucky enough to be introduced to NVC by a friend of mine. As soon as I read Marshall Rosenberg's core book I realised that there were thoughts I was having that I didn't question as anything other than truth but which were in fact beliefs about myself and others. Marshall's concept of human needs gave me a way to reexamine my beliefs and still hold onto my values and what I came to understand were needs that connected my wanting, my humanity to everyone else's.

The internal shifts I had doing a 10 day intensive in Switzerland with Marshall was what consolidated my decision to step onto the path to becoming a certified NVC trainer. I was even luckier to have a group of friends that shared my interest in NVC and we met regularly with our young children to explore Marshall's teachings over a period of years. In 2012, I became a recognised CNVC certified trainer and I have been growing, learning, teaching and discovering everyday since then.

My strengths based on what other people have said about me:

  • "Approachable/relatable" DG
  • "Strong facilitation of groups" KB
  • "Empathic" and "superb listener" ER
  • "You see through all the words and feelings and can see and express a clear, concise, caring overview of what is happening"
  • "You care so so much and that is so abundantly obvious in all you do"
  • "Courage: you're not afraid to ask those awkward questions or highlight potential hidden agendas and vulnerabilities, and again done with compassionate skill." ML
  • "I so appreciate your openness and honesty, clarity and directness as well as empathic holding of tensions and conflicts arising in groups." TS
  • "Strength with willingness to show vulnerability" DG
  • "I so enjoy your warm clarity. Often when people speak with clarity there is a sharp and edgy quality to it - not in your case! PB-S
  • " insightful, providing clarity as well as vulnerable (and therefore connecting) honesty." AS
  • "Generosity and the capacity to meet folk in the moment completely and exactly as they are
  • "You provide a safe held space for people whilst working live with what is within a group" KB
  • "You have strong yet gentle leadership" LB
  • "You have good time boundaries" KB
  • "Compassionate, professional, articulate, rich personal experience as a care partner." MG
  • "Excellent facilitation with observation and compassion of individual needs within groups , strong yet gentle leadership." KB
  • "Genuine person with clear, concise & compassionate communication skills." CL
  • "No nonsense!" MB
“I love spending time with people who want to learn. My style of teaching is a hybrid between holding the structure of a strong empathic container and emergent learning. I love to see people make their own discoveries - I help these emerge from real life examples you bring. I especially like working with two people together who have reached a bit of a stuck place in their relationship and can't find their way out of the maze alone. I like this because I have been there myself, know how frustrating and disheartening it is and what a difference having the right support can make.”

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  • Conflict Resolution
  • Mind-Body-Spirit
  • Parenting & Family
  • Social Change
Marshall's concept of human needs gave me a way to reexamine my beliefs and still hold onto my values.
“If you are interested in working with me, please reach out and book a free no obligation chat. We can do that via Zoom, What's App or phone (if in the UK)”

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