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Pauline Major

Speaks French
Certified Trainer since 2017

I taught in a high school from 1978 to 2013. For me, listening was a primary value. In 2005, Marcelle Bélanger and Robert Bouchard gave an introductory workshop on Nonviolent Communication at my school. I came out with the awareness that needs are at the root of our actions and that changed my view of myself first, students and people in general. I understood that everyone seeks to meet their needs, sometimes in a clumsy way. From that day on, I have embarked on a personal journey to find and stay connected with benevolence within me. I then saw my professional, friendly and family relationships change and become more fluid because I could see beauty in each other.

When I retired I decided to start the certification course because it was important for me to share NVC in the spirit of Marshall Rosenberg. These three years have allowed me to continue the inner journey and to strengthen my confidence and my inner work. In January 2017, I participated as a volunteer at Empathy Symposium and since then, I am a member of this group of volunteers and NVC practitioners that Gina has put together, I have also volunteered at the NVC family camp.

In my trainings, I put an emphasis on being with others from Empathic presence  and connecting to the heart of the other and not to the story that the person tells. I often think of Rosenberg's song "See me beautiful." The NVC process supports this compassionate presence in relationships in a way that I enjoy immensely.

Non-judgment then becomes a norm that fosters open and genuine relationships. We can therefore transition out of the habitual  mindset  where we have to be constantly on our guard,  and enter into a space where  we  can contribute generously to nourish life around us. I receive testimonials from people who tell me how NVC allows them to have healthier and more open relationships. And I believe that every time a person changes paradigms, peace grows in the world. I work at supporting, in my own environment, a peaceful  world by sharing NVC.

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