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Oriane Boyer portrait

Oriane Boyer

Speaks English, French
Certified Trainer since 2018

My vision and mission :

I dream of a world in which each human being can be welcomed unconditionally, no matter what they are passing through.
I dream of a world in which tears, anger and laughter can all have a space to be.
I dream of a world in which no one will ever have to face life traumas and challenges alone.
Finally, I dream of a world in which empathic support systems would be so widespread that each request for being heard and held would find an answer.
Sharing NVC full time to individuals and organisations (like schools, companies etc.), as well as co-creating support system communities through empathy and NVC is my contribution towards this new world.

Oriane Boyer :

It is the pain that led me to NVC—conflicts with others, with myself, and a painful childhood. I was 22 years old when I read Marshall Rosenberg’s book Words Are Windows or They’re Walls. I remember reading it in one go and being profoundly impacted and moved, thinking to myself, “Finally! I knew there was another way to live and interact!” I feel lucky to have met him and to have had the chance to learn with him intensively.

I never imagined that this path would lead me to such depths… Much more than a tool for communication, I see this process as an art of living that helps me connect to deep aspects of myself and others.

My journey with NVC, learning to welcome with compassion my own challenges (grief, insecurity, depression, anger, shame…, etc.), has allowed me to feel familiar and at ease with other people’s painful experiences. I always feel moved when I witness uncomfortable emotions because I see them as a thread, an indicator of something very precious—longings that are reaching out to life.

I live this process as a path. I have not arrived yet. I walk, fall, try, mourn, and celebrate as the human being that I am! At the same time, I feel forever grateful and inspired by what NVC has brought to me: where many therapies have failed me, empathic listening (a very central aspect of NVC) planted seeds of resiliency, compassion, and hope inside my heart.

My learning process :

I got into NVC when I was 22 years old and got hooked immediately. I learned with many different French NVC trainers, like Nicole Azincourt, Anne Bourrit, Lise Rodien, Véronique Brusorio, Saleem Ebrahim, and Pascale Molho. Later, I also met Marshall and, over the years, attended several of his workshops (40 days of training in total). I also met and learned with other international trainers, such as Robert Gonzalès (USA), Liv Larsson (SE), and more…

A few years ago, I started sharing NVC in the city of Toulouse together with my close friend and colleague, certified trainer Yoram Mosenzon. Today, the NVC community is large and vibrant.

What do I offer?

I have given introductions, conferences, and workshops in different places in the world. I specialize in One-on-One Healing Sessions and Mediation.

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