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Olivia Della Croce portrait

Olivia Della Croce

Believing in the Power of Empathy
Speaks English, German, Italian
Certified Trainer since 2023

To create a nonviolent inner and outer world, let's cultivate respect and empathy towards our children.

Ever since I can remember, I have been passionate about languages and understanding how people succeed or do not succeed in communicating what is important to them. Again and again, I observed how hearts (including my own) open or close depending on how things were being said.

I was born in Basel, Switzerland, where people speak Swiss German and moved to the Italian speaking part of Switzerland when I was 5 years old. Multiple languages have always been part of my living environment. In this sense, I experienced learning languages as key to connecting to other human beings.

Eager to share my passion for languages, I worked as an English and Italian teacher with teenagers and young adults for many years: in Switzerland, India and in the United States. In 2011, my adventure into motherhood started with the birth of my first son. Suddenly it seemed even more important to me to pay attention to the words we used in our family, and how we used them – they could have such a huge impact!

I came across Marshall Rosenberg’s ideas for the first time in 2013. The resonance I experienced felt like a huge relief to me: maybe there can be a way to express our honesty without hurting others? And maybe learning to listen deeply to each other can create a space for compassion and even healing? Since then, I feel that I have been on a journey of learning, experimenting and integrating, allowing me to create many meaningful connections and bringing existing relationships to a different level.

Today, I share my experiences with anyone interested in a new way of communicating, in particular parents and teachers. Supporting and practicing the idea that it is possible to interact with compassion with young human beings nourishes my need for hope in a different world and in a different way to handle inner and outer conflicts. My dream is to live our interdependence as a precious gift and enrichment.

In my work as NVC trainer, I enjoy working with the NVC Dance Floors, the jackal and giraffe puppets/ears and, most of all, I like to live Empathy to give space and warmth to whatever human beings are feeling in that moment.

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