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Nic Burnand portrait

Nic Burnand

Facilitator, Coach, and Psychedelic Guide
Speaks English, Dutch
Certified Trainer since 2016

As a facilitator and therapeutic coach I have a passion for using plant medicine to support individuals on their healing journeys. With over two decades of experience in working with psychedelics, I understand the importance of set and setting in creating a safe and supportive environment for deep healing.

​After attending my first plant medicine ceremony in 2011, I was struck by the healing power of these ancient remedies. However, I also noticed that many people were not receiving the pre and post-ceremony support they needed to fully integrate their experiences. Drawing on my training as a Nonviolent Communication Trainer and Internal Family Systems Therapeutic Coach, I began to develop a holistic approach to supporting clients through their psychedelic experiences.

Today, I am deeply humbled by the trust that my clients place in me and feel honored to be able to accompany them on their journey of self-discovery. Through my work, I hope to contribute to a world where all people have access to safe spaces where they can heal, grow, and connect with their inner selves.

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