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Nele Mestdagh Portrait

Nele Mestdagh

"You don't have to be brilliant. It's enough to become progressively less stupid." Marshall Rosenberg
Speaks English, Dutch
Certified Trainer since 2024
"I want our children to grow up with other options than submission and rebellion - the skills to create connection and find peaceful solutions that cares for the needs of both" - Marshall Rosenberg"

Being a teacher trainer in Early Childhood Education for over 20 years, I long for teachers who live NVC in their classrooms and, by integrating NVC in their class and school community, also inspire and share with their children/students, colleagues, and parents how to value everyone’s needs and to create a peaceful and sustainable world with each other.

In the new curriculum in our teacher training @ VIVES University of Applied Sciences, connective communication has been included from the first year as one of the frameworks from which we want to pursue a connection with ourselves and the children as well as with parents, colleagues, and externals.

I would like to point out an international project, “TASC” (Teacher Academy Sustainable Communication), where connecting communication will be one of the main focuses. We get funding from the European Commission for three years (2023-2026) to strengthen future and current teachers with sustainable communication skills.

This refers to the necessary skills to become reflective and agile European teachers capable of preventing or eliminating violence, discrimination, polarisation, exclusion, and bullying.
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“My longing is to share non-violent communication with teachers, educators, staff members and parents to contribute to more connection and collaboration in schools.”

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