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Nadya Giol Portrait

Nadya Giol

CNVC certified Trainer, professional group facilitator, Therapist- senior bio healing & Master Reiki, Instructor on permaculture & sustainability.
I'm A Determined Dreamer of hope and change
Speaks English, Arabic, Hebrew, Spanish
Certified Trainer since 2024
"For me NVC is a personal transformation & cultural revolution, taking responsibility for my life, all human needs are important, place of choice."

I'm an Arab, Muslim, Palestinian Israeli woman, mother, and daughter of a displaced family from the war of 1948, living in an area of ongoing conflict and war. I chose to bring NVC's tool to the multicultural community in my country due to social and systemic separation, ethnic racism, and ongoing violence.

Most of the experience I have gained in the field over the past ten years is in dialogue and mediation groups in the Palestinian-Israeli community. I have worked and am still working privately and through organizations that promote dialogue and peace.

With local and international private groups. Neighbors and communities who are looking for bridges and understanding for cooperation and mutual recognition of the historical narrative.
Local and international students are studying social work, law, international communication, history of the Middle East, art, and Israeli-Palestinian conflict study, dialogue groups for youth, teachers in the education system, and Teaching NVC.

Recently, since the war broke out in Israel/Palestine on October 7th, 2023, I have initiated and led an empathic space in my city of Nazareth and through Zoom with Palestinians/Israelis and internationals.
Most of the Moderating I do it with an additional facilitator in two languages.

“My vision is to make NVC accessible to all applicants, especially in communities experiencing trauma and conflict, To support the presence of benevolent communication between people/groups/nations, To encourage willing cooperation, and to take into account the needs of all parties.”

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  • Conflict Resolution
  • Diversity
  • Education
  • Facilitation
  • General
  • Health & Healing
  • Social Change
“You are welcome to contact me, I love initiatives that contribute to a more beautiful life and a relationship that is built on understanding between people.”

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