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Mira Vanden Bosch portrait

Mira Vanden Bosch

Dance and drawing artist and teacher, physiotherapist, psychomotricist, Bal-a-vis-x practitioner and trainer
To live is to create
Speaks French
Certified Trainer since 2022
"For me, NVC is the practice of a martial art that engages us in alignment with our energy and presence, in the clarity of our words, in awareness of our intentions, through the strength of our heart and the immense flavor of contributing to the vibration of Life within us and around us."

 I like to see life through the poetic and creative space of each individual. I'm an artist and teacher of movement and drawing, passionate about the use of the body. Learning through the body and experimentation are fundamental to me.
What gives meaning to my life is contributing with NVC to the training of adults who work with babies, children and teenagers in education. Working with other trainers to share and disseminate NVC towards a caring pedagogy that supports the needs and talents of children and learners, and raises teachers' awareness of the impact of empathy and caring on brain function and learning capacity.
Other related areas: prevention and management of harassment in education. Welcoming differences, supporting young people in their development. Reintegration support and training for young adults leaving prison.
I celebrate with my partner the co-creation of our dynamic 30-year relationship! As well as the warm and complicit bonds we enjoy with our two children, both of whom are blossoming young adults. NVC is truly the foundation that keeps us living with open, joyful hearts, and I'm immensely grateful for that.

“My mission in sharing and accompanying with NVC is to support the adults responsible for the education of the youngest: parents, teachers, nursery nurses, team leaders, creative artists, school principals, all those confronted with their limits, their judgments, their doubts, so that they receive the listening and support necessary for the fulfillment of their own mission.”

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  • Conflict Resolution
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  • Social Change
"By shining our light, we offer others the chance to do the same". Nelson Mandela
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