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Mary Ellen McNaughton portrait

Mary Ellen McNaughton

Masters in Counselling Psychology from UBC Vancouver, certified NVC trainer 2016
Speaks English
Certified Trainer since 2016
"For me, NVC provides an anchor, a pivot in the emotional storm, to something stable and connecting."

I met Marshall Rosenberg at an IIT in 2003 and was riveted to his words and energy. From that time, I began my journey using the lens of NVC until I was certified in 2016.

I now work with this powerful tool in the counseling field.

In bereavement, we teach people that healing can only occur when pain is expressed. The tools of NVC allow this to happen with compassion and empathy.

As a divorce coach and mediator in the context of Collaborative Law, I help people keep their children in the center of the process with skills to communicate and listen to them and each other through this tumultuous time.

In this work, as well as in my own life, I find that the emotional storm can often lead to anger and chaos or shut down and depression. The NVC tools and, specifically, the lens of Values/Needs provide an anchor that allows me to pivot to something more stable. Emotions become a valuable signpost pointing in the direction of understanding and connection. Resonating at that more stable frequency will eventually bring things back to a more compassionate balance within and then without the world and people around me.

It is hard to see the great distance between where I would love to see myself and the world and where we are now in many cases, and yet I also know that every drop contributes to the sea.

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