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Makiko Imai portrait

Makiko Imai

Speaks English, Japanese
Certified Trainer since 2021

I was able to learn through "way of being"

For the first time, I learned that it is so peaceful and comfortable to have people tell back their needs rather than give them advice.

My goal is to show what NVC communication is like during facilitation and avoid refuting people's statements, and instead to communicate in a way that suggests other possibilities. I accepted the fact that there were answers other than my own opinions, and I felt a sense of interest.

In the way of expressing soft things that I know so far, there are times when the meaning is not conveyed in a roundabout way, but I try to conveys it with "softness with the clarity of the message" that never does. I think that you have held a connection that allows you to participate comfortably, including such a way of interacting.

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