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Magdalena Kosinska-Klähn portrait

Magdalena Kosinska-Klähn

PhD in Chemistry
PhD, Resonant Healing Coach, Peaceful Parenting Coach, Conflict Mediator
United States
Speaks English, Polish
Certified Trainer since 2023

Would you love support in your life struggles so you can move forward more empowered? Do you wish to receive deep resonance to process the magnitude of experience you are having that makes you feel stuck? Or maybe despite the good intention, daily life situations with your child are just exhausting and you end up yelling or punishing them even though you would love to go different pathway?

I support my clients on their healing journey so they can reach their inner wisdom by integrating the past they experienced and move toward life they desire with more warmth and ease. I have spent hundreds of hours in one-on-one sessions sharing my resonant and loving heart with clients whose lives has been changed by warm presence and resonance.

I took over a thousand of hours of personal growth workshops that were giving me lots of wonderful knowledge I often was not able to use even though I was trying hard. Only after learning from Sarah, understanding how the brain heals and immersing myself in resonance I could put the knowledge in healing motion and allow change to happen.

I work with people who want to learn new ways to accompany themselves, bring warmth and peace to their lives, break the cycle of a generational trauma and bring collaborative, nonviolent consciousness to their families. I welcome parents that want to build safe foundation for a happy and peaceful life for themselves and their children. I also work with people experiencing loss and need support in their grieving, especially those who lost babies during pregnancy.

I have a PhD in Chemistry and I appreciate how learning chemistry shaped my brain strengthening my ability for critical thinking, curiosity and openness. In addition to my experience as Resonant Healing Coach I also use tools from Needs based Coaching, Nonviolent Communication, Peaceful Parenting, Mindfulness and Eckhart Tolle’s School of Awakening.

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