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Liane Lauprecht Portrait

Liane Lauprecht

Social Work (B.A.), Certified NVC Trainer, Systemic Family Constallation Instructor, Media Designer
We can not shame ourselves into change, we can only love ourselves into (r)evolution
Speaks English, German
Certified Trainer since 2023

What I love the most about NVC is that it empowers people, to connect to their truth and needs, and bring their contribution, their authentic beeing to life – in terms of justice and equality, love, connection and oneness.

Liane lauprecht turned from her creative profession as a media designer to becoming a social worker in the field of family counseling and therapy. She stepped into the transformational journey of NVC and Living Compassion in 2015.

Since then, she has been teaching in the most different kinds of institutions: mainly in the Red Cross Family Community Center, where she actually works, but also in kindergartens, schools, Muslim centers and mosques, youth clubs, cultural centers, and political parties.

Her favorite teaching is radical self-love and self-worth – empowering people of all ages to dare speak out their truth and needs and bring their contribution, their authentic being to life – in terms of justice and equality, love, connection, and oneness.

She loves working with unpopular feelings like rage, anger, envy, or shame – believing truly that being with - and truly listening to them will release a precious pearl of inner beauty and wisdom.

Experiencing NVC through the body, the inner and the physical voice with the means of creativity like painting, dancing, singing, and several meditation practices completes her teachings and is especially helpful when trauma is involved.
Her favorite methods are Marshall's healing dialog and transforming core beliefs.

Another beautiful and highly effective means of transformation for her is the Systemic Family Constellation, which perfectly adds to the teachings of NVC.

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