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Kristina Deselaers portrait

Kristina Deselaers

Speaks German
Certified Trainer since 2023
"We can also do differently ... talk and negotiate with each other than fight exhaustively for victory or defeat. We can stand up for our concerns peacefully and at the same time highly effectively – with NVC."

In my experience, NVC helps to give room to grief, pain, joy, humor and individuality in a responsible and mindful way. For me, many things have changed since I learned about NVC: I experience conflicts much less often. And if I do, I hardly ever shy away from them anymore, because I now have confidence that they can trigger changes that make life more beautiful.

Working as a trainer today, I share my enthusiasm about NVC in workshops and courses. And I accompany people in individual appointments through inner and outer conflicts, in their development as a couple, family, team or community. Accompanying means for me to hold the space for what moves my counterpart / a group. With empathy, experience and methodology I help to look deeper, change perspectives, for finding understanding and peace.

My image is: the best solutions come from within ourselves, when we experience resonance and support, and thereby find more clarity and openness. That is what I am here for.

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