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Katalin Strasser portrait

Katalin Strasser

Speaks English, Hungarian
Certified Trainer since 2021
"For me, Nonviolent Communication shows that we can be both lovable and real. I’d like as many people as possible to recognize that we become free when we don’t wear a false mask and don’t play roles that others like, but start loving ourselves unconditionally."

My journey in Nonviolent Communication (NVC) began with Marshall Rosenberg’s three-day training in 1996, which became defining for the rest of my life. I lead NVC trainings, individual consultations, and mediation processes.

What is important to me in training, NVC awareness?

Self-knowledge, encounter with ourselves. We start to see what we are like, what we are in the present moment. It’s good to be able to meet this and then decide whether to keep it or want to change it. Then when we have a connection with ourselves, we can really meet others.

I grew up thinking that when I suffer, I’m bitter, or I have pain then I can’t do anything for myself, so one of my most important learnings is that I always have a choice. Knowing this, I have already been able to experience freedom in countless situations.

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