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Karin Garaialde portrait

Karin Garaialde

Training and Coaching Consultant
Speaks English, French, Italian, Spanish, Swedish
Certified Trainer since 2016

Through my career and life, I’ve had the opportunity to live and adapt to different cultures and languages. It has built the foundation of my professional orientation: share how to establish healthy relationships through a communication based on honesty, empathy and trust. After a BA in Hotel Management at the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL), and various numbers of trainings and workshops in communication and self-development, I discovered the Nonviolent Communication in 2005 and subsequently decided to become a certified trainer.

I have been sharing communication and team management trainings for over 20 years within international organizations such as Walt Disney World in Florida, Disneyland Paris, Intercontinental Hotels, Galeries Lafayette. Since 2012, I work as an independent consultant and coach, based in the UAE, also offering workshops in European cities, as well as individual coaching in person or through skype.

Born 1968 in Stockholm (SE), married to Olivier (French) and mother of 3 teenagers, Elodie (1996), Vincent (1997) and Johanna (2001), lived in Sweden until the age of 13, then in Switzerland, Spain, USA, France and since 2013 in Abu Dhabi (UAE).

During my life, I have had the opportunity to discover and live in several countries in Europe, the United States and the Middle East, with different cultures and languages. It is both a challenge and a very rewarding experience! It gave me a passion for relationships between humans and aroused my curiosity and reflection. How can we understand ourselves beyond our differences? How to create a bond and learn to cooperate with joy and pleasure?

Born in Sweden, married to Olivier, French, and mother of three children now aged 25, 23 and 20, these questions intrigue me whether in family, in business, among friends or elsewhere! After a degree in hotel management at the École Hôtelière de Lausanne, in Switzerland, and around ten years in hotel operations and running training courses in communication, conflict resolution and team management, I discovered the Nonviolent Communication (NVC) process in 2005.

Since then, this art of living has become a solid foundation in my life and in all my human relationships. I like to help awaken awareness of oneself and others, to relearn how to create relationships between us based on authenticity, trust and compassion. I am confident that by contributing to individual change, we are moving towards collective change where everyone's needs are taken into account.

I have been based in France since September 2021, I run training courses for all audiences and I speak in companies, schools, hospitals mainly around the themes of relational quality within teams and how to anticipate and take care of situations of tension, in Europe and the Middle East.
I facilitate in French, English and Swedish.

Trainer's primary language

Au cours de ma vie, j’ai eu l’occasion de découvrir et vivre dans plusieurs pays en Europe, aux Etats Unis et au Moyen Orient, avec différents cultures et langues. C’est à la fois un défi et une expérience très enrichissante! Cela m’a donné la passion de la relation entre humains et a éveillé ma curiosité et réflexion. Comment nous comprendre au-delà de nos différences ? Comment créer du lien et apprendre à coopérer dans la joie et le plaisir ?

Née en Suède, mariée avec Olivier, français, et maman de trois enfants aujourd’hui âgés de 25, 23 et 20 ans, ces questions m’intriguent aussi bien que ce soit en famille, en entreprise, entre amis ou ailleurs! Après une licence en gestion hôtelière à l’École Hôtelière de Lausanne, en Suisse, et une dizaine d’années dans l’exploitation hôtelière et l’animation de formations en communication, résolution de conflit et gestion d’équipe, j’ai découvert le processus de Communication Nonviolente (CNV) en 2005.

Depuis lors, cet art de vivre est devenu une base solide dans ma vie et dans toutes mes relations humaines. J’aime contribuer à éveiller la conscience de soi et de l’autre, à réapprendre comment créer des relations entre nous basées sur l’authenticité, la confiance et la compassion. J’ai confiance qu’en contribuant au changement individuel, nous cheminons vers un changement collectif où les besoins de chacun soient pris en compte.

Je suis basée en France depuis septembre 2021, j’anime des formations tout public et j’interviens dans les entreprises, écoles, hôpitaux principalement autour des thèmes de la qualité relationnelle au sein des équipes et comment anticiper et prendre soin des situations de tensions, en Europe et au Moyen Orient. Je facilite en français, anglais et suédois.

Au plaisir de vous rencontrer! Karin

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