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Kara Nance portrait

Kara Nance

M.D., FACP. Double board-certified in Internal Medicine and Obesity Medicine 
United States
Speaks English
Certified Trainer since 2023

Dr. Kara Nance combines her strong science background in traditional western medicine with a variety of health and wellness strategies. She runs a mindfulness-based weight management and internal medicine practice called, WellessenceMD, founded in 2011. In addition to practicing primary care and medical weight management, also teaches Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, Facilitates for the Share Care digital therapeutics Eat Right Now, Unwinding Anxiety, and Craving To Quit, teaches Nonviolent Communication and Enneagram studies.

Kara is interested in helping large organizations to implement wellness plans for their employees, as well as  in collaborating with other researchers in nutrition, obesity, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. She is certified by the University of Massachusetts Center for Mindfulness Oasis training program as a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Instructor, and has extensive experience in practice management, electronic medical record implementation, obesity medicine, and mindfulness meditation.

Kara grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where she graduated as valedictorian in 1992. After graduation, she attended Princeton University where she graduated with honors as a molecular biology major in 1996. Kara also concentrated in the neurosciences while at Princeton and did her senior thesis on the genetic basis of alcoholism which culminated in two published research papers in the journal, Nature Genetics.  

On a personal note, Kara has also been blessed with four active children and enjoys watching them grow up in her free time. She enjoys her role as a Sunday school teacher and is an avid fitness nut. You are likely to find her  running, practicing yoga, lifting weights, hiking, biking, or playing tennis on most days. She also loves to cook, travel, read, and is always open to new experiences. 

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