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Irene Zagrebelsky portrait

Irene Zagrebelsky

Trainer and facilitator of communication and relationships
Speaks English, French, Italian
Certified Trainer since 2023

Ever since I was a little girl, it has been clear to me that our life together is characterized by an infinite number of points of view, experiences and places of the heart from which we participate in life. With the same clarity, I remember realizing how this plurality of perspectives is often a source of mistrust, separations, exclusions, tensions, violence, hierarchies, rather than an opportunity for enrichment, exchange, community, expansion of the spaces of understanding starting from the recognition of the value of all our uniquenesses and at the same time of our common humanity.

Faced with all this, I soon felt the desire to be to myself as much as possible in the dialogue; to learn to listen, express myself and communicate with greater sensitivity and with the intention of finding as much common ground as possible. And the next step was the desire to increasingly commit my energies not only on my personal level but also for the relationships and systems of which I belong as a citizen of the world to grow and facilitate the possibilities of connection and collaboration between us beings humans and the environment around us.

Through my studies, cultivating my sensibilities, becoming passionate and proposing the Theater of the Oppressed as an instrument of awareness and active participation, I have carried forward this intention of mine which has strengthened more and more and found a fundamental and powerful impulse when in 2017 I I met Nonviolent Communication which has accompanied me ever since and enlightened my way. Excited, happy, full of desire to contribute to more just and connected life relationships and systems, here I am!

“I offer training courses that help individuals, groups and associations to create spaces for understanding oneself, for others, for the surrounding reality, for situations of conflict and for experimenting, in a safe and playful context, possibilities and capacities for action and change social, through the tools of Nonviolent Communication and Interactive Theatre.”

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