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Meta Kolenc

Speaks English, Slovenian

Working and living in an international environment enriched my appreciation for the diversity of the world’s people and their cultures, making me improve and deepen my communication skills. My natural interest in interpersonal relationships and the inner world of each individual has led me to discover NVC. Since my first NVC retreat, I have gotten a completely new perspective of myself and the way the force of Life is expressed through me. Needless to say, it has also changed the way I communicate with others. My wish is to guide by example and to help others not only to discover their needs but also to find a unique way to authentically actualize them. When I started walking this path I began accepting who I am and what my needs are – now my mission is to support those who decided to go on that journey too. Organization of NVC reatreats and workshops is a small step of making a social change.



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