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Haruno Ogasawara portrait

Haruno Ogasawara

国際基督教大学(ICU)卒業、中学・高校教員免許(英語) | Graduated from International Christian University (ICU), junior high and high school teaching license (English)
すべての涙を泣き、すべての笑いを笑 | Cry all the tears, laugh all the laughs
Speaks English, Japanese
Certified Trainer since 2019

After working as a new graduate and working as a teacher for two years, he lived abroad for 13 years in Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Belize, Croatia, and Switzerland. As a teacher at a metropolitan high school, she spends time with students in various circumstances, such as returnees and those who have not attended school. She encountered NVC (Nonviolent Communication) in 2006 through a book and soon attended Marshall's workshops. Since she met her Japanese peers in 2007, she has continued to collaborate and learn as she strives to practice and share NVC. In 2019, she moved to Okinawa to find out how to serve the Uchina, who continue to be oppressed by Japan and the United States. Her interests include permaculture, Ayurveda, and other practices and designs that respect nature and reciprocally harness the power of life itself. On her days off, she lives with her partner, who devotes herself to her writing and field work, and her playful Toy Poodle in the Green House of Paradise.

Co-authored books:
“Communication that Leads to Life” (Edited by Tomisaka Christian Center, 2021, published by Inochi no Kotobasha)
"Coming Out Letters" (edited by RYOJI/Hideki Sunagawa, 2007, published by Tarojirosha Editas) (Replies to students are included)

Favorite job:
Community center home education class instructor
For caregivers who are raising children, through work that nurtures their own self-esteem and self-love, the relationship between children and families is changed from habitual and reactive to valuing each other's deep wishes. I'm helping you transform into something. After completing the 3-hour x 5-session course, I am happy to see that the students form practice groups and continue to engage in empathy circles and learning. Using public resources to expose the community to NVC is the most exciting part of my job as an NVC trainer.

NVC Workshop Facilitator
We receive requests from people who want to incorporate NVC, such as companies, schools, and peace activity groups, and assemble programs while listening to each request, from one-off courses to series and training camps.

Support for CNVC certification process
We are collaborating with other certified trainers with the aim of creating a mutual certification system that shares power with Japanese speakers who are on the path to becoming certified trainers.

Trainer's primary language





 認定トレーナーへの道を歩む日本語話者とともに、力を分け合う(power with)な相互認定の仕組みづくりを目指して、他の認定トレーナーたちと協力しています。


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“NVCのトレーニングを行うとき、わたしたちは参加者に次のような状態で家に帰ってほしいと願っています。それは、「NVCによって自分の内側の世界を変えられる」と意識できているだけでなく、「外側にも自分たちが住みたい世界をつくり出せる」と実感できている状態です。(by マーシャル・ローゼンバーグ)”

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