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Giacomo Poleschi portrait

Giacomo Poleschi

Speaks English, Italian, Spanish
Certified Trainer since 2015

Giacomo loves sharing Nonviolent Communication by facilitating workshops and supporting individuals and groups. In family contexts, education or corporate, he offers training, parenting support, coaching and personal development, NVC mediation, facilitation of groups.

He's passionate about education and parenting and he is part of, a group that support people in bringing Nonviolent Communication into the education system. He met NVC in 2012 just as his wife and he were waiting for the birth of their first daughter. He was immediately struck by the possibility that NVC offered to try to experience parenthood and relationships in a completely different and meaningful way. Since then he started his journey to learn and live NVC.

In 2014 he quit his job to spend one year and a half with his daughter as a "full-time dad." In 2016, inspired by putting into practice his learning with NVC to create a different workplace, where people could experience authentic collaboration and pleasure to work together, he  created “In Pasta - cibo e convivio” together with his wife and some friends, an artisanal pasta laboratory and restaurant.

He graduated in Computer Engineering and worked in the past in the field of Supply Chain and Logistic. Today, besides offering trainings in nonviolent communication, he shares the care of his children. He lives with his wife and three children by the west coast in Tuscany, Italy. Learn more about Giacomo

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