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Gabriele Neurauter

Speaks German
Certified Trainer since 2017

The main part of my work takes place in business companies  as a consultant with focus on process, risk and change management, HR, strategy planning and communication and organisational culture. So, most of the time I do not give NVC trainings under this title, but I bring in NVC in my work, most of the time without calling it NVC. This is the way how I contribute to an openness for a climate of humanness at the workspace.

Because of the financial pressure in many corporations people are tired of “methods” that bring “more of the same”, they long for more. So, in my work I support the people to change their organisational structures, the power structures and their basic ethical principles. Maybe this contribution to change in very concrete steps is the spiritual part of my work.


“Nachhaltigkeit als Teil der Unternehmensstrategie- für eine ganzheitliche, umfassende und langfristige Sicht auf soziale, ökologische und wirtschaftliche Aspekte.”

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Sustainability as part of the corporate strategy - for a holistic, comprehensive and long-term view of social, ecological and economic aspects.

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