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Fred Goff portrait

Fred Goff

United States
Speaks English
Certified Trainer since 2019

 I was fortunate and blessed to be introduced to Nonviolent Communication at a social justice conference.  From that first day, I began learning as much as possible about NVC and can attest that it changed the way I looked at myself and others.  It not only changed the way I looked at others but also what I heard them say or maybe, in some instances, what they did not say.  I refer to it as opening my heart and connecting.  Thirteen years after starting my journey with Nonviolent Communication, I became a certified trainer. 

In the process of learning NVC,  I was able to use it as a communication tool while supervising a prison, working with the State of Michigan Legislative Body, and as a member of the State of Michigan Traumatic Incident Stress Management team.  After retiring from the Michigan Department of Corrections, I decided to become a certified trainer. 

While attending various workshops and training, I was able to continue to use NVC in the community as an Administrative Director of the Compassionate Ministries of Jackson County.  Based upon our outreach in the county, I was able to work with schools, churches, various organizations, businesses, and families. 

Currently, I am writing a book on the Christian Faith and Nonviolent Communication or as I also  think of it as “Compassionate Communication”. 

I have a vision where we can build a safe environment for all.   This environment would be:  a place where children can play without the worry of predators, bullies or stray bullets;  a place where an elderly man or woman can walk down the street in pride and not in fear;  a place free of domestic violence or verbal abuse; a world where we can come together despite our differences, give respect and have compassion for one another, regardless, if we know the individuals or not.

I live in Jackson, Michigan

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