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Éva Rambala portrait

Éva Rambala

M.A., Peace and Conflict Studies, European University Center for Peace Studies, 2009 | Graphologist, 1996 | Faculty of Pedagogy, Budapest Business School, 1995 | Faculty of Commerce, Budapest Business School, 1987
Speaks English, Hungarian
Certified Trainer since 2000
"If you don’t like something, speak up without criticising anyone!"

I learned Nonviolent Communication directly from Marshall Rosenberg, the creator of NVC. In addition to attending hundreds of workshops, I worked together with him in more than thirty countries, which gave me a chance to integrate the technique, as well as the approach and cultural sensitivity. Since 2005, I have worked on my own, and have held about 150 trainings a year both in Hungary and abroad.

I teach what I believe in and what has been the most beneficial to me: how to stand up for myself without criticizing anyone, and to be able to hear the other party with empathy even if it sounds like an attack at first. This way, I can build and maintain more and more loving and trusting relationships with my family, friends, and with my colleagues.

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  • Business
  • Education
  • Mind-Body-Spirit
  • Parenting & Family
  • Social Change
I envision a world where starvation is only history. No government accepts killing as a form of solution to any problems.
“Cultivating my trust, I can make a difference by increasing my inner peace and showing a positive example for others.”

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