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Donna Steckal portrait

Donna Steckal

United States
Speaks English
Certified Trainer since 2000
"Truth is my passion — speaking it, hearing it, living it!"

Donna Steckal is a coach, teacher, educator, therapist, and counselor who has embraced Nonviolent Communication (NVC) for more than three decades. She applies NVC in her work as a psychologist in private practice, and teaches NVC at the college level. 

“Since I was a young child, I had a vision of everyone in the world all holding hands at the same time. I participated in Hands Across America, but the oceans have come in the way of my vision! Nowadays, I know that Spirit connects us over, under, and through the oceans, through time and space, and beyond, and NVC has become a steady staple in my own spiritual growth. I wish to help others expand their abilities and sense of Self to realize their dreams and to speak their truth wherever they go and wherever they are.”

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