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Davide Nuzzolo portrait

Davide Nuzzolo

Speaks English, Catalan, Italian, Spanish
Certified Trainer since 2022
"Sitting in the fire of the conflict."

I discovered Nonviolent Communication (NVC) in 2015 while working in the corporate world as an in-house attorney. Since then, I have been practicing and studying NVC with the main purpose of integrating it as a lifestyle. Since my beginnings with NVC, I have applied it in the corporate world from within the organization as en employee, in my role and my interactions as an in-house attorney. From 2017, have shared NVC as a teacher and consultant with organizations ranging from multinational companies and hospitals or public administrations, to tech start-ups. I also apply NVC in my work with individuals, accompanying them in the unfolding of their own vital processes, and with couples, mediating conflicts and creating spaces where real listening can take place.

My approach to NVC is deeply influenced by the body of work of Roxy Manning and Miki Kashtan and their lens on how social dimensions intersect and shape us as human beings.

I apply the transformative experience working on myself as a man, and on my masculinity and privileges, in order to transform the patriarchal legacy I carry through life, to my work with other men and couples.

Grief work is a key element in my practice.

Conocí la CNV en 2015, mientras trabajaba en el mundo corporativo como abogado de empresa. Desde entonces, he estado practicando y estudiando la CNV con el objetivo principal de convertirla en una filosofía de vida. Desde el principio apliqué la CNV en la empresa desde adentro (como empleado, en mi rol e mis interacciones como abogado). Desde 2017 lo hago como formador y consultor. He estado compartiendo la CNV en diferentes tipos de organizaciones: desde empresas multinacionales, hospitales o administraciones públicas, hasta start-up tecnológicas. También aplico la CNV en mi trabajo con las personas, acompañándolas en sus propios procesos vitales; y con parejas mediando conflictos y creando espacios donde se pueda dar una escucha real.

Mi enfoque de la CNV está profundamente influenciado por el trabajo de Roxy Manning y Miki Kashtan y su lente sobre cómo las dimensiones sociales nos atraviesan y nos moldean como seres humanos.

Aplico la experiencia transformadora que estoy teniendo trabajando sobre mí mismo como hombre, sobre mi masculinidad y privilegios, para transformar el legado patriarcal que llevo a lo largo de la vida, a mi trabajo con otros hombres y parejas.

El trabajo con el duelo y la pérdida es un elemento clave en mi práctica.

“I see myself acting as a bridge between two worlds: The mainstream patriarchal world I have lived in most of my life, whose consciousness is based on scarcity and separation, and the one I am actively choosing to move to, with consciousness based on interdependence and abundance. I see embracing conflict as a key brick for this act of bridging. In bridging, I leverage my past experiences and I offer a breath of fresh air from the full radicality of what I can give, while still on my journey towards liberation.”

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