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Catherine Cooley

Quality of Life = Quality of work and at home
United States
Speaks English
Certified Trainer since 2023
"A client in an NVC-based support group said: “I crawled into MH (a mental health and recovery agency). What you have done is incredible. I would not have had the experience here that I did without your classes.”"

I am a communication coach, conflict mediator, trainer, Restorative Justice facilitator, speaker and founder of Peaceabl. I help business, organizational and family teams that are stuck in stressful and unproductive exchanges to resolve conflicts, restore their spirit of teamwork and enter a new world of empathic and collaborative communication.

Together we create a calm, respectful, accountable, no-blame environment where everyone is carefully listened to. We discover the core needs that are underlying and fueling the conflict. People reconnect with new understanding, at the heart and humanity level, as they come to understand what each person has experienced. We make new agreements that seed respectful and collaborative relationships moving forward.

In addition to conflict and communication training, I support people in deepening their emotional self care practices. I facilitate support groups for a mental health agency, am a trained facilitator for NYCNVC’s Compassion Course, lead Restorative Justice circles and trainings for spiritual communities, lead Council Circles for women, couples, and organizations, and facilitate workshops in prison for the Alternative to Violence Project.

I am a member of Mediators Beyond Borders International and Rotary World Peace E-Club, and live in Southern California. When I’m not busy working my peace projects, I am getting my nature fix hiking, bodyboarding, dancing, retreating, circling, meditating and enjoying time with family and friends.

“A client in my Breakthrough Conversation Mastery program said: “I just continue to be surprised at the impact of NVC. Just spending the hour with you creates such an intensity of love that I feel, real compassion. I’m actually taken aback at the impact these sessions have for me and my ability to hold that space in my everyday life now, including in my business. NVC and you have become my “go to”. My body now, my energy, is just so different; brings me to a whole new level. Thank you again as always.””

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  • Social Change
“She's the best facilitator I've ever met, and she comes from a direction of compassion and willingness to pull the weight.” (J.S., Social Entrepreneur and Investor)
“Thanks for visiting my page. If you are experiencing conflict or struggle in a relationship at work or at home, I'd be happy to share how I might approach it. Here's a link to set up a complimentary session with me:”

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