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Anniken Poulsson Beer portrait

Anniken Poulsson Beer

A master degree in Early Childhood Education
Let us meet in the No-Fault Zone.
Speaks English, Danish, Norwegian, Polish, Swedish
Certified Trainer since 2012
"NVC has for me been the answer to my wish to get a toolbox for communication. It has also been a gateway to connect with my inner wisdom. I love to share this."

Anniken shares Nonviolent Communication with people in workplaces, organizations, open workshops, schools, and kindergartens. She works in Norway and abroad. One of her favorite tools are the No-Fault Zone game. She also works with Dyads as a guide to inner wisdom, and supports healing old patterns that no longer serves us.

Anniken was the first Certified Trainer in Norway. Her background is as a preschool and drama teacher and she has worked in education since the mid-'80s. She has leadership and coach experience over a period of 20 years. Anniken teaches NVC all over the world. She is passionate about bringing out empathic communication, connection, and understanding in all kinds of relationships, in particular relationships between adults and children.

She is inspired by Robert Gonzales and Sarah Peyton, and shares several exercises she has learned from them. Anniken is the Executive Director of NVC Norway, since March 2020 and works as a full time trainer.

“My mission is to share NVC with both individuals and groups, workplaces and organizations, anyone who is open to hear about this. My dream is to see more kindness, understanding, clarity and connection between people.”

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