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Agnes Hendrie portrait

Agnes Hendrie

M.A. Ed
Presence, Compassion and Peace
United States
Speaks English
Certified Trainer since 2018
"I believe NVC is a spiritual practice which brings us into authentic presence, first with our selves, and then with others. The fruits of practicing NVC are peace and compassion: the health and healing of both our inner and outer worlds."

Before I was introduced to NVC, I was already working toward social justice and peace, both in my inner and outer world. Growing up in Ontario Canada with a brother who has severe development disabilities meant I became teacher and advocator from a very early age. I continued developing these roles into my education and career, achieving a Masters of Education in Social Equity and Education from the University of Toronto, Canada.

Advocating for people’s needs, creating communities of support, and finding ways to creative ways to communicate with differently abled people gave me a strong foundation in empathetic connection. After moving to California and completing my Teaching Certificate from Santa Clara University I was fortunate to be introduced to NVC, and I found my calling.  My first NVC workshop was in 2005 with Jean Morrison and Kelly Bryson in Monterey, California. As we explored our feelings and needs using puppets and games, I felt a home-coming - a wholeness within myself for which I had been longing.  

I enrolled in a 9-month NVC integration program in Santa Cruz and began practicing and living NVC. At the same time, I joined a meditation community and began to deepen my ability to stay present and open with myself and others. As I walked the two paths together, meditation and NVC practices intertwined and flourished within me, healing old wounds and building a resource of strength.   I naturally gravitated towards the work of Robert Gonzales, and the Spiritual Basis of NVC.

Deepening into the beauty of the needs, and touching our deepest longings through connecting with our bodies is the heart of my NVC teaching. Connecting authentically with ourselves and others is the fruit and joy of practice. With my teaching background in social equity and focus on different abilities, I thrive in adapting my NVC workshops and sessions to each individual. I specialize in private sessions with children and adults, I work with families, and also enjoy leading small groups.  

I live and work in Davis, California and am involved with various types of NVC trainings:   Parenting with NVC: I led Compassionate Parenting Courses at a local Jewish Congregation. We practiced compassionate listening to both parents’ feelings and needs as well as their children’s, leading to profound shifts in relationships. Another aim of the class was bridging religious and cultural differences through sharing common parenting challenges and resolutions using NVC.

NVC for Children: I have been supporting children in private online or in person sessions, teaching feelings and needs words, deep listening, and empathy for self and others. It is my dream to encourage an NVC consciousness at a young age, leading to a culture where NVC is more commonly practiced.

Introduction to NVC, locally and internationally: I led a bimonthly Women’s Practice Group based in South Africa in 2018/19. The women were excited about bringing the practices into their personal and professional lives. I had so much joy in connecting with them, and love to share NVC in places where it isn’t as easily accessed as here in California.  I have led other online introductory groups, with a focus on local community, planting seeds which I hope will flourish. 

“My dream is to increase access to NVC, increase the number of people training in and using NVC on a daily basis, and thereby create change. With NVC we can bridge difference, take steps toward equality, and experience peace one moment at a time.”

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“Join me in creating peace in ourselves and our world by practicing, sharing, and living NVC.”

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